Tuesday, April 27, 2010

GDI Scam Exposed

Global Domains International, or GDI, is a company who's main focus is selling .ws domain names to customers. That seems reasonable right? But the problem is the various affiliate programs they use to lure customers into the $10 per month domain purchase. Most of the affiliate programs are matrix schemes that do not even disclose their affiliation with GDI.

There are several of these get rich quick websites on the Internet. Once you join or buy into one of these programs they send your own website to promote. And guess what, after you have invested in the program, that same program will ask you to join the .ws Global Domains International program. You will receive emails asking you why you haven't joined GDI.

Most people who buy into these so called affiliate programs, use traffic exchanges in an attempt to get others to sign up for the program. Most of the programs promise you monetary gain when you get others to sign up. Now here is where the scam comes in. The affiliate program sent you a nice, ready made website to promote. You are clicking away in traffic exchanges trying to get sign ups for the program, while all along, the site you are sending traffic too is actually a sign up page for GDI.

Here is how I figured this out. I signed up for the $5 Magic program. It is a snail mail program that works similar to a chain letter. They sent me a website in which my name was listed in the number 4 position. So, I though, all I needed to do is get three others to sign up, then I would be in the #1 position. The site then listing my name in position #1 would generate more sign-ups and the $5 bills would start rolling into the mailbox.

After following the instructions given I received my website via email. I used several manual traffic exchanges attempting to get others to sign up as well. I really thought this was a cool idea. Then BAM! In one of the traffic exchanges I notice that the thumbnail generated for my promotional website was not promoting my $5 magic program...it was promoting GDI. This is a bait and switch maneuver an is illegal. Obviously there must be a code within the .html website they send that opens as $5 magic when viewed by myself, at my IP address, but when opened by others it is a sign-up page for GDI.

MyEzyBiz is an example of another affiliate program linked to GDI. They advetise free pre-launch and throw you a couple sign-ups, but when you do not sign up for GDI, communication from MyEzyBiz stops and you are left out in the cold and probably out a bit of money as well.

Most matrix programs are legal in the United States, but these affiliate programs are only generating profits for those already positioned within the GDI corporation. Major players in the matrix are generating money through these affiliate programs with actual legitimate websites...no hidden code. All the money generated from these money making scams goes straight up to GDI. Then some of the profits trickle down to those who are already positioned within the GDI corporation. That pool of individuals at the bottom buying into these programs generally never receive a cent.

Do not buy into these programs. By doing so you are allowing GDI to generate income which allows them to create more bogus programs and prey on those faced with bad economic times and are desperate to make money. GDI is ranked #37 in the top 500 fastest growing private companies...and they are not even selling legitimate products.

Do yourself a favor and do not invest any more money or generate any more traffic to programs affiliated with Global Domains International. You are getting ripped off.


yusuf said...

hi, I visited your blog and read the latest articles

Anonymous said...

Your comments in regards to MyEzyBiz are not correct. The inbuilt GDI downline builder they have is an optional free service, even if you're an existing GDI member. You said communication from MyEzyBiz stops if you don't sign up for GDI and you are left out in the cold and probably out a bit of money as well. That is not true. Currently MyEzyBiz is in prelaunch which means no-one has paid any money to activate (upgrade) so how can anyone be out any money? Even when they do launch you don't need to be an upgraded member to use the GDI downline builder. It's free for anyone to use. Also it does not matter whether or not you are a GDI member. The communication is the same to all MyEzyBiz members.

teflonfanatic said...

Really anonymous? I hope your right and that the guy who made this blog is a LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kelvin said...

Hi y'all, I'm just laughing myself crazy!...Anonymous, what tha heck is a downline builder? Is it a software or how does it really qualify to become a legitimate product or service?
Geez...I guess people now will start packaging air in small bits and sell it to unsuspecting lot branding it as "natural air" Of course its supposed to be natural!! But I think there are those who always go looking up in the skies and can't c what is next to them....LMAO!!

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